The following conference was conducted on 17.01.2019 in Malaga,Spain. According to the projected activities related to this event, the same was moderated by external expert and covered the following topics:
  •  Gathering the knowledge shared from conducted national  training's in partner countries,
  • Preparation of the strategy for lobbying the implementation of the EU directives in practice by both employees and employers & enhancing communication and social dialogue among stakeholders.
The event was attended by 20 delegates representing all of the project partners.

National raising awareness meetings

Typography is the art and

National Trainings

National trainings which represent the second stage of implementation were conducted in partner countries.

Experts who moderated the meetings used several technics and methods to write and create Power Point Presentations, influence a discussion and prepare a report after each conducted training

By the end of the training, participants filled in project questionnaires where they could circle and write down the knowledge they have earned during the duration of the training. Those questionnaires have been fulfilled on anonymous base and afterwards have been collected and analyzed by the project team

Kick off meeting

Warsaw, 17.04.2018


This event represents the first joint join meeting which is planned in the framework of this project. It has been attended by 14 participants

This meeting was crucial for the representatives of the partner organizations who majority were the presidents of the organizations who used this opportunity to introduce themselves and their organizations to discuss details of the project action and setting up the dates for the following activities

Moreover, after the introduction from the partners, the second part of the conference was moderated by external expert who had the opportunity to teach, share and spark a discussion between delegates