Scope of the Project

The project will contribute to

  1. Raising commercial workers and employers’ awareness on the EU directives:2001/86/EC, 2001/23/EC, 2002/14/EC, 98/59/EC, 2003/72/EC, 2005/56/EC with relevant national labour law;
  2. Enhance social dialogue and mutual trust among employees and employers in one of the fastest growing sector in Europe;
  3. Increase cooperation of EU MS and candidate countries in terms of correct realization of EC directives by both sides: employees and employers; realization of gained recommendations and implementation of new approaches

Specific Objectives of the Project

Overall objective of the project is to promote commercial workers involvement in trade union activities and provide them with capacity building and positive experience on how to impact on decision making process in organizations and lobby their interests in a proper way, as well as to raise awareness on EU relevant directives and national labor laws to better realize their rights to information, consultation and participation

Specific objectives:

  • To foster active unionism and involvement of multinational company workers in trade unions’ activities;
  • To raise awareness of commercial sector employees on Directives: 2001/86/EC, 2001/23/EC, 2002/14/EC, 98/59/EC, 2003/72/EC, 2005/56/EC and relevant national labor law;
  • Identify good practices of employees’ participation in decision-making process and communication with employers, share experience of workplace democracy among partner countries;
  • To increase capacity building and motivate activism of commercial sector workers in order to enhance implementation of rights to information, consultation and participation;
  • To draft a strategy of good practice on how to lobby the workers interests when decisions are made at multinational companies;
  • To transfer positive know-how from EU level stakeholders related to the workers’ involvement in decision making and proper implementation of rights to access information and consultation